This site is intended primarily for doctors, nurses and paramedics working on
Salt Spring Island, BC who attend our monthly ER simulation rounds. Other visitors are welcome.

Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the information contained on this site and that it is as current as possible, it should in no way be interpreted as 'medical protocol' for outside use.  
Please consult your local health authority and practice protocols in your area.

Comments, questions, suggestions for changes are welcome in the 'general comments' below. 
Each web page also has a comments section. 
It is hoped the information contained herein is useful and helpful and ultimately improves patient care.

Below are links to past rounds topics
as well as current and upcoming rounds.


Rounds schedule for 2017-18 will be published soon! 
Stay tuned!

Below is an MS Word document of my 'ER Guidelines' version
August 2017
These are 'guidelines' NOT protocols.
ER Guidelines August 2017.doc ER Guidelines August 2017.doc
Size : 3885.5 Kb
Type : doc

Below is a link to recent ER literature articles that may be of interest.
Last updated - May 27, 2017

The links below have not been, nor will be, topics for rounds. They are for interest reading within the general topic of rural ER medicine.

Links to CME Events within Island Health and Vancouver


LITFL Life in the Fast Lane is a great Australian Emergency Medicine site. This is an amazing Emergency/Critical care site from Dr. Scott Weingart  Another amazing site by Dr. Reuben Strayer. A blog covering basically all of Rosen's textbook of Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Literature of Note. A very up to date and incisive review of ER literature by Dr. Ryan Radecki

Dr. Smith's ECG blog.   A great ECG leaning site.

Ultrasound Podcast with Mike and Matt All you need to know and learn about ER ultrasound.

Handouts from some of the
Rounds Topics

Start of Shift Checklist.doc Start of Shift Checklist.doc
Size : 24.5 Kb
Type : doc
RSI Checklist.doc RSI Checklist.doc
Size : 45 Kb
Type : doc
Strayer Intubation checklist.doc Strayer Intubation checklist.doc
Size : 1340 Kb
Type : doc
IV drug List for ER.doc IV drug List for ER.doc
Size : 32.5 Kb
Type : doc
IV drug List for ER.doc IV drug List for ER.doc
Size : 32 Kb
Type : doc
Mixing Push Pressors and Ketofol.doc Mixing Push Pressors and Ketofol.doc
Size : 23.5 Kb
Type : doc
Procedural sedation checklist.doc Procedural sedation checklist.doc
Size : 26 Kb
Type : doc
Summary HINTS exam.doc Summary HINTS exam.doc
Size : 766.5 Kb
Type : doc
Summary of Deadly ECGs.doc Summary of Deadly ECGs.doc
Size : 3646 Kb
Type : doc
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