Rural Emergency Room Simulation Teaching and Education Resource

This page discusses only supraglottic airways, which include OPA, NPA and 'rescue devices' such as the King Tube and LMA. 
The Power Point below covers the 'didactic' component of supraglottic airways.
The "Primer on BVM" video is an excellent video on the two hand technique for BVM.
The last two videos are on how to insert the King tube and LMA respectively.
In the Simulation Rounds the object is to practice with these devices while using the RespiTrainer which allows you to learn the volume of breath that you put through an Ambubag into the lungs along with minute ventilation, rate, inspiratory time etc.

Airway 1.pptx Airway 1.pptx
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A Primer on BVM with Reuben Strayer-.mp4 A Primer on BVM with Reuben Strayer-.mp4
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