Rural Emergency Room Simulation Teaching and Education Resource

End Tidal CO2 monitoring has become the 'standard' of care for cardiac arrest, procedural sedation and ventilation.
It is important for doctors, nurses and paramedics to understand the value as well as the limitations of EtCO2 as well as the various devices available for measuring EtCO2.

The Power Point module below is intended to illustrate what EtCO2 is and how it can be used in the emergency department. It is a large file so can take a while to download.

Included also below is a short Power Point on Mean Arterial Pressure explaining what it is and why it is used in the Emergency Room.

EtCO2 and capnography.pptx EtCO2 and capnography.pptx
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BP and MAP.pptx BP and MAP.pptx
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