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All Day ER Simulation Workshop - Trauma Resuscitation
Saturday February 18, 2017
PAR starting at 8:30 am
No Cost
Lunch Provided.
An ER physician, ER Trauma nurse and a Respiratory Tech from Victoria General Hospital will be in attendance to help give advice and feedback which I think will be invaluable for us.

This workshop day will focus on trauma resuscitation and incorporate many of the rounds topics covered over the past 2-3 years.

Topics will include:
Airways - supraglottic, infraglottic and surgical airway
"Tubes" - chest,
Fluid resuscitation
Intraosseous devices
Head injury
RSI protocols
EDE - eFAST ultrasound
You may want to review some or all of these topics on this web site before the workshop, depending on your comfort level.
They are hyperlinked to the appropriate PowerPoint and review on this web site.

Below is a PowerPoint on Trauma review as well as the 3 scenarios we will be doing during the day.
X-rays, ultrasound and other information will be offered during the simulation. 
Since this day is not a 'test' you can think ahead at how you will/would organize yourself.

ATLSWallSheet.doc ATLSWallSheet.doc
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Trauma Resuscitation Review.pptx Trauma Resuscitation Review.pptx
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Type : pptx
Scenarios Sim Day Trauma.pptx Scenarios Sim Day Trauma.pptx
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