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This page covers 'Tubes" - pericardiocentesis, thoracentesis, paracentesis, cricothyrotomy, suprapubic catheters etc and the techniques in how to do them. Most are covered by You Tube videos. Some of the videos are not ideal, but are the best I could find.


This video is fairly detailed. If you want to skip to the 'equipment' section go to time mark 3:36.
If you want to skip to the actual 'procedure' skip to time mark 4:11.


This video is again detailed, a bit old, but one of the better ones. If you want to skip to the 'equipment' section go to time mark 1:45.

Bougie assisted Cricothyrotomy

Suprapubic Catheter

In our hospital we use the Bard Suprapubic Catheter sets.
Below is a PDF file showing its use. The only step missing is that is can be very useful to use ultrasound prior to placement to confirm bladder position.
As well if the patient is awake use local anesthetic in the insertion site.  

Bard Suprapubic Kit.pdf Bard Suprapubic Kit.pdf
Size : 118.606 Kb
Type : pdf
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