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The Power Point below discusses the assessment and management of the patient presenting with undifferentiated shock/hypotension.
The main 'message' is that these patients need diagnostic and resuscitative measures carried out simultaneously.
Having a 'mental framework' to approach such patients is critical.
Even patients presenting with a 'history' as provided by family or EHS may not be the actual reason they are hypotensive.
It is imperative that all hypotensive patients, regardless of the story have a methodical and focused approach.

Undifferentiated Shock.pptx Undifferentiated Shock.pptx
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Undifferentiated Shock Handout.doc Undifferentiated Shock Handout.doc
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Tranexamic Acid (TXA):
The result of the CRASH 2 trial (2013) showed that given Tranexamic acid (TXA) within 3 hours of hemorrhage, significantly reduced death from hemorrhage.
As a result of the CRASH 2 trial, TXA has now been added to the WHO list of essential medications.
The dose is 1000 mg over 10 minutes followed by 1000 mg over the next 8 hours.
For a copy of the CRASH 2 trial, here is a LINK.
Below is a Power Point by the CRASH 2 authors.

TXA inTrauma.pptx TXA inTrauma.pptx
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eFAST exam.
For a review, below is a 17 minute You Tube video on the eFAST exam.

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